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Frequently Asked Questions About LeasePolice.com

How much does it cost ? 
All subscriptions are on a yearly basis with pricing available for unlimited usage or in increments of 20, 40, or 100 units per year (each unit is one search).  The company is committed to contain its pricing to resemble credit bureau prices which routinely cost just a few dollars per record.

Is there a monthly fee?
No. There is only a charge for pulled reports (when the service reverts to a pay service). Your inquiry must match a record currently in the database to be considered a pulled report.  If a vendor or customer does not have an existing report in our database, LeasePolice will investigate and file a report and within 24 hours (and this report is forwarded to you). Furthermore, there is no charge for reporting  any Unusual Vendor or Lessee Activities (UV/LA ).

What happens when a subscriber files an Unusual Vendor or Lessee Activity Alert?
Lease Police does an investigation and only publishes the requested alert if it can verify and substantiate the information.  LeasePolice.com only publishes information that it uncovers during its investigation.  None of your verbage is used in any final and published LeasePolice.com report and all your input remains anonymous.

What kind of security does LeasePolice.com employ?
Our site utilizes a 128 bit encryption system from Entrust, a Nasdaq company. This is the same encryption used by all the major credit card companies.  Furthermore, our site is limited to verified leasing industry companies only and each user has a secure user name and password.  Our servers are protected by state of the art firewall and other security systems.

What is my exposure and liability?
Since all you are reportingare facts and no social security numbers are involved, your exposure is extremely limited. The information collected by LeasePolice.com involves only basic data such as company name, address, phone, etc…All leasing companies are currently subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act so your liability is not increased by your participation.  The LeasePolice.com system and its policies comply with the requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Can anyone become a user of LeasePolice.com?
No, our site is restricted to leasing industry members.  Members are screened to verify that they are either funders or brokers.  The general public does not qualify for an account.

How secure is the data in LeasePolice.com?
The unique search system employed by LeasePolice only returns "near" matches and there are no "wildcard" searches.  In fact, a user must know the name, address, zip code, and phone number of every inquiry to get a match.  This is to prevent "data fishing" by users and as further protection, each user has a monthly inquiry limit based on their expected needs.

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