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How LeasePolice.com Began

    The LeasePolice.com concept was conceived by an leasing credit veteran who constantly had to guard against unscrupulous vendors and lessees.  This industry veteran had long noticed that two vendors selling the same equipment (even in the same geographic region) could have vastly different default rates.  There was no way to distinguish between the unprofitable vendor with higher default levels from the profitable vendor with lower default levels.  There had to be a better way to eliminate these higher risk accounts as well as avoid vendors who were found to be involved in "suspicious activities".  He thought hard until the LeasePolice concept became a solid idea.  This idea stayed dormant until the right person became available to champion it.

   In early 2006, Bernard Boettigheimer retired from Pioneer Capital Corporation after 23 years.  The idea was presented to him confidentially.  Upon hearing the idea, Mr Boettigheimer realized that this idea had revolutionary potential and could permanently change the industry for the better.  He accepted the role as Lease Police, Inc.'s President and software development was started.  Lease Police, Inc. is 100% privately-owned and is not aligned with any leasing company.  It is intended to be an independent data source whose main goal is to eliminate fraudulent activity, and identify unprofitable vendors and lessees.

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