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 News Release #2 Begins A New Era In Leasing Loss Prevention

Friday, April 9th 2007

(Dallas, Texas) announces initiation of its revolutionary loss prevention system for lease funding companies and lease brokers.   The online system identifies vendors and lessees who are associated with a high incidence of defaults.  In addition, users have the ability to report incidences of “unusual or high risk behavior” by vendors.  Any confirmed “unusual activity” warnings are then posted in the database for future reference by users.  By using the database, users can drastically reduce their exposure to fraudulent transactions, vendors using high risk sales strategies, and lessees with risky histories.

During this initiation period, will be collecting default histories from lessors as well as “unusual activity” warnings on vendors and lessees.  During this  initial period, the system will be a free service.  Upon maturation of the database, the price of the service is expected to be less than $5 per report. offers two types of user accounts – funder and broker.    Broker accounts are limited in the amount of pulls per month.  All funder users must provide default data on their portfolio.  To view an online demo of the system, go to:

To subscribe, go to  During the initial 6 month data collection period, all accessed matches are free!


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