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 News Release Initiates Per Report Pricing Structure


2/1/09 Dallas, Texas

LDear Subscriber:

It is hard to believe that is now entering our 3rd year of existence.  We have come so far, and to date, we have already saved subscribers like you tens of millions of dollars!  At this point in our development, our database is growing more mature and we are now passing from our adolescence into adulthood.  The number of vendors and lessees in the database is growing at and incredible rate.  Our number of vendors in the database has exceeded our expectations at this point.  Due to the recession, our number of repossessions in the system has far surpassed our target number, and that has helped uncover many legitimate, but unprofitable vendors.  Below are some of our accomplishments, current goals, and future aspirations for
Our Accomplishments:
  • Our data base that has grown from 7,000 files on April 1, 2008 to over 30,000 presently!
  • Savings of over $20 Millions for our Subscribers on potential fraudulent deals.!
  • Fraud "alerts" increased from 116 on April 1,2008 to over 230 presently!
  • Unsatisfactory Early Terminations one year ago were 980, they now number over 5000!
  • A free link to was added to the system providing information on how long each vendor has been in business and the number of employees!
  • A button on each page can pinpoint each vendor's location on google maps and can provide a "street view" of the vendor when available!
  • A button on each page now brings up the Better Business Bureau for each vendor your are inquiring on!
  • Buttons now link each vendor to information available at the Sec.of State, webpage information, reverse phone number checks, and legal links!
  • Over 25% of all inquiries are now matched with an existing record and this is growing every week as the data base becomes more populated!
  • A new computer scoring system has greatly added to your comprehension of vendor risk!

        Our future plans are to increase our database size to over 50,000 records in the coming year.  We also intend to add several need products to enhance the quality of our reports similar to some of those incorporated during the last year.  Our desire is to make a single destination source for all your informational needs on vendors.  Currently our staff of four Professionals is more that adequate for our mission, but as our needs grow, we will expand.  Our investment cost and budget are in line with our original assessments as we now pass through our "adolescence" stage and progress into a fully mature informational site.  Finally, our pulled reports will now increase to $3.25, but our price still represent a bargain for the information we bring to to your fingertips.  At a time when D&B and Paynet reports cost $35 to $45 dollars, we continue to provide an incredible investigation value and will strive to continue that tradition in the future!


    PS-This rate increase is effective  on April 1, 2009



    Your continued support of our  This change will allow us to further our goal of reducing your losses from "High Risk" Vendors and Lessees!



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