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Terms of Service 
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Terms of Service

 Lease Police, Inc. reserves the right to deny any user access or terminate any user at its sole discretion.  LeasePolice.com is only accessible to industry users - primarily equipment finance funders and brokers.  .  All users of the LeasePolice.com database are prohibited and bound by contract to not use any information for marketing purposes of any kind.  Two types of users are available at LeasePolice.com:

  • Funder Account - Provides the most detailed record information with unlimited searches.  All funder accounts must provide default/early termination history on their accounts on a quarterly basis.  A funder user must maintain a minimum $5 million portfolio to qualify for a funder user account.
  • Broker Account - Provides slightly more limited information with a limited number of monthly inquiries.  Brokers must demonstrate a history of over one year in the industry (verified by funding references and industry associations).  Funders may not subscribe as a broker user.


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